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Directory of Companies who are Fish & Seafood Exporters, Importers, Producers & Processors, Wholesalers, Traders & Agents of Abalone
Scientific Name: Haliotis and all species.
Locos, Awabi アワビ

We have included all species of Haliotis Abalone in this section. The directory comprises companies dealing in Greenlip Abalone, Blacklip Abalone, Pink Abalone, Red Abalone and White Abalone, Locos and other abalone species. There is a separate section for Canned Abalone and it is listed below.

Abalone shellfish is also known as Ear Shells, Sea Ears, Muttonfish, Ormer, Perlemoen and New Zealand Paua. If you are looking for Abalone Shell, also see Shells.


Producers and Processors of Abalone - Worldwide list of companies (with full contact details) who are Producers of Abalone shellfish (including Divers, Commercial Fishermen and Aquaculture producers), Shellfish Processors of Abalone.


Sellers & Exporters of Abalone - Worldwide list of companies that export Abalone, sellers of Abalone shellfish.


Importers and Buyers of Abalone - Worldwide list of companies that export Abalone, sellers of Abalone shellfish.


Wholesale Suppliers of Abalone - Worldwide listings of companies that are local wholesale seafood suppliers or distributors of Abalone shellfish.


Seafood Agents for Abalone - List of companies that are Seafood Buyers agents and | or Traders of Abalone.


Canned Abalone Processors, Exporters, Importers, Wholesale and Agents - Canned Abalone producers, manufacturers of canned abalone, seafood processors of canned abalone, wholesale suppliers and distributors, traders and buyers of canned abalone.



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