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Companies who provide Services to Commercial Fishing and Seafood Industries Directory:
Aquaculture, Business, Training, Marketing consultants, Processing Services, Biosecurity, Environment, Marine engineers & repairs, Customs, Legal, Finance, Insurance, Testing Services, Crewing Agencies, Ship provisioning, news & publications...
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Ice machines, refrigeration, processing equipment, packaging supplies, cleaning, fish feed, fishing tackle, marine engines parts & spares, repairs, fuel, other food products....
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Directory of Companies who are Fish & Seafood Exporters, Importers, Producers & Processors, Wholesalers, Traders & Agents of Arctic Char
Scientific Name: Salvelinus alpinus, Salvelinus alpinus erythrinus

Arctic Char is also known as Alpine Char, Char, Charr, Hudson Bay Salmon, Saltwater Trout and Sea Trout. It is a Salmonid species, looks like a salmon, but is more related to trout genetically.

Wild Arctic Char is found in alpine lakes, arctic and sub-arctic coastal waters. Arctic Char is farmed in US & Canada, Norway and Iceland.

Arctic Char has a fine flaked flesh with medium to firm texture, a high fat content and it's taste is similar to farmed salmon. Flesh color ranges from pale pink to a bright red


Producers and Processors of Arctic Char - Worldwide list of companies (with full contact details) who are Producers of Arctic Char including Commercial Fishermen and Arctic Char Fish Processors.


Exporters & Sellers of Arctic Char- Worldwide list of companies that export Arctic Char, sellers of Arctic Char fish.


Importers and Buyers of Arctic Char - Companies with full contact details that are fish buyers of Arctic Char and | or fish importers of Arctic Char.


Wholesale Suppliers of Arctic Char - Worldwide listings of companies that are local wholesale seafood suppliers or fish distributors of Arctic Char.


Seafood Agents for Arctic Char - List of companies that are Seafood Buyers agents and | or Fish Traders of Arctic Char.





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