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ABC Fresh Fish

Contact Name Mr. Mohamed Yazid
Company Position Sales Manager
Address Bd De Goulmima  N 258
Address Cont. -
City Casablanca
State -
Postal (Zip) Code 20600
Tel +212 665 980 698
Mobile (Cell) Phone +212 665 980 698
Fax +212 522 605 658
Skype casafish
Email Email contact for ABC Fresh Fish
ABC fresh  fish  is a young and dynamic company, focused on Exporting various kind of fish product for the world market, specialized in processing and exporting fresh fish, frozen fish for the world market over 10 years

We are Supplying mostly to European union , USA, Russia, Dubai, etc .All our exports products are verified and certified by the local government ,Today “CasaFish” covers an export list of more than 40 Products of Fresh fish , Frozen fish , Seafood and Aquatic Products like Bass, Black Bream, White bream , Common pandora, goliath grouper, Cutlassfish Atlantic, Cuttlefish Common dew Sepia, Norway lobster, Common lobster, Marbre, Meagre Courbin, Octopus, Rascasse, Scorpion Fish, Seabream, Sea Robin, Red Mullet, Sea Robin, Sardine, Shrimp, Silver scabbard fish, Shark ,Squid , , St.Peters, Turbot.... Etc

Fresh Product:

Redbanded seabream
PAGEOT ROYAL, Pagre rayé , Pagro reale
( Pagrus auriga )

Grande vive ,Tracina drago
(Trachinus draco)

Yellow Merou(Jaune) Cerina

Common Octopus pulpo , poulpe ,polpo ,
(Octopus vulgaris)

Striped seabream Marbre Marbré Mormora

Squid  calamari Calamar calamary Calamaro

Common cuttlefish  Seiche commune seppia comune
( Sepia officinalis)

Cuttlefish dew ,mandrita ( Sepia orbignyana )

Commom Sole Sole Commun Sole Sogliola

Turbot  Rombo Chiodato , Rodaballo ,

bass - Loup bars
Seabass , Branzino , Spigola
( Dicentrarchus labrax )

Red Mullet/Triglia di Scoglio
(Mullus surmuletus )

White seabream
Vrai Sar , Sarago ,
( Diplodus sargus sargus )

Moroccan white seabream
Faux sar , Sarago , Sar du Maroc , Sargo marroquí ,

Common pandora
Breca , Pageot-Commun , Pagro, Breka ,

Espadon , Pez Espada , Pesce Spada ,
( Xiphias gladius )

Common dentex
denté commun , El dentón común ,
(Dentex dentex)

Black Seabream
Dorade grise , Tanuta , Chopa ,
( spondyliosoma cantharus )

Shortfin Mako Shark - Requin
Shortfin mako Cagna , Cagnizzo Atunero , Cane de mare
( Isurus oxyrinchus )

European conger
El congrio , congre commun
( Conger conger)

Meagre Courbine
Bocca D'oro , Corvina
( Argyrosomus Regius)

Lotte , baudroie , monk fish , rana pescatrice , rana pescadora , rape ,
(Lophius piscatorius)

Salema Saupe
Salema porgy , salema , Salpa
( Sarpa salpa )

scorpion fish
Rascasse , Scorpeanea scrofa , hog scorpion , scorfano , scorpena rascacio , cabracho , escórpora ,
(Scorpaena scrofa)

John Dory
Saint pierre , Pesce San Pietro , Pez De San Pedro ,

Silver John dory , Saint Pierre argenté, San Pedro plateado
( Zenopsis-conchifer )

Sea robin
Grondin ,Piper Gurnard , Capone Lira , Garneo ,

Norway lobster
Langoustine , Scampo , Scampolo , Lagostino ,
( Nephrops norvegicus)

Common lobster
Homard , Lobster , Astice , Lupicante Bogavante , Lubricante ,
( Homarus gammarus )

Gilt-head bream
( Sparus-Aurata )
dorada , daurade royale ,orata ,

Golden snapper
Dourada-australiana , PAGRES , PAGRO ROSA

Blackspot Seabream
Dorade Rose , Gros-Yeux , Besugo Borazo ,

Pink dentex
SAMA , DENTICE GIBOSSO , Dentice corazziere , denté rose ,
(Dentex gibbosus)

Large-eye dentex
Denté à gros yeux , Coq-Rouge , Dentice occhione , Cachocho ,

Puntilla , Baby Calamari , Calamaretto ,

Vrai Sole , Senegalese sole , Lenguado ,

Merlu , Hake ,
( Merluccius merluccius )

Frozen Product:

Squid calamari (Loligo-vulgaris)

Poulpe Common Octopus (Octopus-Vulgaris)

PUNTILLA Calamareto  (Alloteuthis-Media)


Trading Safety - Unfortunately, there are people who are dishonest and internet scams abound. While Sea-Ex & Trade-Seafood endeavour to check the company details that are listed, we recommend the following precautions are taken when dealing with a company:

  • Ask the business you plan to trade with for business references and CHECK THE REFERENCES.
  • Use a payment method that offers better protection for all such as Letters of credit and VERIFIED professional escrow services. Avoid payments in advance such as money transfers. Be wary if the seller only accepts wire transfers or cash.
  • Do a search of the company on the internet using the company website address, their business name, phone and fax numbers, and the email addresses provided to see if you can find any feedback about the company.
  • Ensure you understand all terms and conditions of any agreement, including SHIPPING CHARGES.

Learn more about scams to avoid or to make a complaint about a scam or fraud see: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Crime Complaint Center

Trade-Seafood & Sea-Ex are NEVER involved in any transaction, and we do not handle payments for orders, products or shipping, we DO NOT guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, offer buyer protection or seller certification.


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