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Seastar Corp

Contact Name Moon
Company Position Vice Director
Address 2G5 Pham Hung
Address Cont. -
City Rach Gia
State Kien Giang
Postal (Zip) Code -
Tel +84 77 260 0979    260 0868
Mobile (Cell) Phone +84 979 113 399
Fax -
Skype ly.anh.nguyet
Email [email protected]
We are processor and exporter seafood products from Vietnam as Squid, Octopus, Stingray wing, Black Pomfret, Ribbon, Yellow Strip, Anchovy, Long Spine Seabream, Silver Silago, Wahoo, Mackerel, Round Scad, Lizardfish, Grouper.

We also processing and export fishing bait as:
a./ Squid, size 4/6, 6/8 (cm/pc)
Latin name: Loligo Chinensis
b./ Round scad, size 13/15, 15/20, 20/25 (pcs/kg)
Latin name: Carangidae (Decaplerus, Megalaspis,Ttrachurus)
c./ IndoPacific mackerel, size 13/15, 15/20, 20/25(pcs/kg)
Latin name: Rastrelliger brachysoma
d./ Indian mackerel, size 13/15, 15/20, 20/25(pcs/kg)
Latin name: Rastrelliger kanagurta

2.Frozen Surimi of Lizard Fish ( Itoyori or Conger Pike fish) Processed from raw material of Lizard fish ( Itoyori or Conger Pike fish ) separating meat, grinding, mixing with additives ( Glutamate, sugar and sorbitol), frozen to block of 10 Kgs.

3. Various kinds of fozen whole or fillet fish ( Spanish Mackerel, Red BigEye Scad, Sillago, Yellow Strip Trevally, Sole fish, Round Scad, Herring.,etc) processed from raw metarials, whole round or fillet, separating meat then frozen to block of 2 kgs, 4 kgs, 5kgs., or on customers?specification.

4. Frozen Squids fillet ( Cuttlefish, Squid, Broad Squid ) are processed from fresh whole round material then removing heads and internal organs,  skin off, sizing, frozen to block of 2 kgs or IQF.

5. Frozen whole Squids fillet ( Cuttle fish, Squid, broad Squid ) are processed from fresh whole round materials or skin off and remove internal organs. Frozen to block of 2 Kgs, 5 kgs or on Customers/977; specification.

6. Various kind of dried seafood seasoned or non seasoned ( Sillago, Yellow Strip Trevally, File fish, Himego, Herring, Golden Threadfin Bream, Bar  tail  Plathead., etc) are all kinds of fish that after filleting are seasoned with addtives on customers formular ( including salt, sugar, sodium glutamate, sorbitol, sesames, chilli, pepper., etc) and dried.

7. Dried Squids : Squid or Cuttlefish are processed to items : dried whole  round, skin on or skin off, cutting head ( Daruma)

8. Octopus :Processed to frozen whole Octopus in flower style or boiled, frozen slices cut or dried seasoned Octopus., etc.

9. Squid head : processed from head of Cuttlefish, bamboo skewered, frozen or slices cut from 6 ?8 grams/piece

10. Frozen Crabs : ( Blue Swimming Crab, three Sport Swimming Crab, Rock Crab )frozen whole cleaned or removing brassiere then cut half or Crab meat.



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  • Ask the business you plan to trade with for business references and CHECK THE REFERENCES.
  • Use a payment method that offers better protection for all such as Letters of credit and VERIFIED professional escrow services. Avoid payments in advance such as money transfers. Be wary if the seller only accepts wire transfers or cash.
  • Do a search of the company on the internet using the company website address, their business name, phone and fax numbers, and the email addresses provided to see if you can find any feedback about the company.
  • Ensure you understand all terms and conditions of any agreement, including SHIPPING CHARGES.

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