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Suppliers of Products to the Seafood, Fishing & Marine Industries - USA


DIY Water Gardening
USA - We are an online supplier for outdoor and indoor fish pond supplies since 2009. Supplying pond liner, pond pumps, fish food, pond pipe, pond kits. Water Treatment and testing, lake and pond management, pond care and maintenance etc.



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A & V Refrigeration Industrial Ice Machines
- A&V industrial ice machines and ice makers produce from 2,000 to 40,000 pounds of ice in 24 hours. The ice produced is ideal for commercial seafood, poultry and the wholesale/retail food industries.


A City Discount, Inc. (US)
- Used equipment for the food service industry. Restaurant Equipment, Restaurant Supply Store, Used Restaurant Equipment, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Commercial Ice Machines, Bar Equipment, Catering Equipment, Dining Service, Concession Equipment, Restaurant Furniture, Kitchen Tools


Aeration Industries International, Inc.
- a global leader in the manufacture and supply of aeration equipment to the aquaculture and wastewater industries since 1974.


American Marine Supply
- We provide quality boat accessories, supplies and equipment to both the retail and commercial boating communities. We have a very large selection of products including, fiberglass repair supplies, electrical, plumbing, sailboat, navigational and safety supplies as well as a large selection of nautical clocks, tide clocks, weather instruments, and nautical gift ideas


Aqua Logic
- Among the products that Aqua Logic has developed are titanium water chillers, heaters,  heat pumps, heat exchangers, filters, display and holding tanks.


Aqua Sierra Inc.
- Water Quality and Fisheries Management, Aeration and Fish Stocking. a wide range of aquaculture project related services including; aquaculture facility design, feasibility and marketing studies, construction, management and staffing, recirculating indoor water systems, hatchery designs, integrated lake aquaculture systems, pond, tank and raceway production units, large and small scale systems, fish disease diagnosis and treatment, and nutritional analysis and ration formulation


Aquaculture Systems Technologies, LLC
- The exclusive manufacturer of the Propeller Washed Bead Filters, addtionally we also manfuacture Bubble Washed and the PolyGeyser Bead Filters. These filters utilize floating plastic beads in an upflow configuration to provide simultaneous mechanical and biolgocial filtration.


Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc.
- the world’s largest distributor of equipment and supplies to the aquaculture industry. In business for 30 years, we carry a complete inventory of over 13,000 products. A technical staff of 20 experienced biologists, ready, willing and able to assist you in system design, product selection and overall aquaculture concepts


Armac, Inc.
- Manufacturers representative of X-ray and Metal Detection Systems, Checkweighers, vibratory feeders, breading feeders, size reduction, screeners, dust collectors, blenders, fans


Aster Bio
- Aster Bio develops and manufactures probiotic cultures for use in aquaculture of shell-fish and fin-fish. The cultures are used to stem loss from disease, prevent off-flavor, improve water quality and enhance production quantities.


Atlantic-Air, Inc.
- offering residential, commercial, and of course marine repair service, equipment installations, and part sales. We are an authorized Carrier Transicold Marine equipment & parts dealer.


Bellingham Cold Storage
- Largest portside cold storage on the west coast; provide a full-service public refrigerated warehousing, seafood boxing, sale of ice, ship loading/unloading, and cargo pooling with a 1,000 foot deepwater dock (non longshore labor).


Blue Crab Mallet Co.
- Blue Crab Mallet specializes in manufacturing durable, sanitary and stylish metal crab mallets. We sell directly to the public via our online store, and we can also supply your store or restaurant.


Blue Ice Aqua Marine Engineering
- 15 years service as builder of Titanium chillers, condensers, and diesel engine jacket water coolers.  Products on 328 ships in 28 countries.


Burdette Industries
- Burdette Industries has been helping first time fish farmers and Established fish farms with consulting, engineering design ,equipment and aquaponics since 1976


Captain Levi's Fiberglass Warehouse
- Tampa Bay Florida's premier fiberglass materials and supplies dealer. Nationwide shipping .Online catolog Gelcoat, polyester resin. Epoxy resin, Fiberglass Materials Captain Levi stocks it all.


Champlin Net Company
- Hoop Nets, Turtle Nets, Monofilament, and Nylon Tied Down Gill Nets, Monafilament, and Nylon Trammel Nets, Monafilament Webbing, Nylon Webbing, Hooks, Twine, Rope, Knives, Cast Nets, Bait Cheese, Anchors, Net Drags, Wire Fish Traps, Bait Traps, PVC Coated Crawfish Traps, and Wire. Sports Equipment, Batting Cages, Baseball Bakcstops, Pitching Nets, Golf Backstops, Amusement Park Covers, Rainwear, Boots, Aprons.


Commercial Refrigeration Service, Inc.
- Supplier of Ice Machines, refrigerated equipment since 1963


Corey Cannery Controls
- We have been in business for over 54 years manufacturing retort tags or time/temperature indicators for the fish processing and canning industry.


DC Systems Inc / SeaTrak Inc
- provide software and consulting services throughout the Fresh Seafood supply chain.


Deflector Marine Rudder
- We design and engineer high lift marine flap rudders and kort nozzles for commercial and private vessels up to 350 ft.


Diatoms LLC
- Nualgi boosts DIATOMS in water, oxygenating the water and forming micronutrient food for aquaculture. Reduces aeration costs and improves the water quality forming a sustainable solution to intensive operations.


Emperor Aquatics, Inc.
- specializes in ultraviolet sterilization and a variety of water filtration equipment, including food-grade stainless steel products.


Epicore BioNetworks inc
- Epicore provides innovative solutions for the aquaculture industry based on its expertise in environmental microbiology and animal nutrition. Epicore's aquaculture biotechnology products use natural microbes and enzymes to improve water conditions and increase disease control. Epicore's specialty feeds for shrimp larvae and broodstock are based on the company's proprietary nutritional technology.


Erdie Industries
- Erdie Industries manufactures mailing and shipping tubes that will outperform any tube or closure style that you have tried. Mailing Tube, Shipping Tube, Shipping Crates


5 Star Inc.
- American Fusion Chemicals USA manufactures cleaning , Water Treatment & swimming Pool chemicals.


Florida Net and Sling Supply
- Florida's premiere and most trusted source for fishing nets, lifting slings for fishing boats and yachts, rope, wire rope, hatch-covers and safety gear for maritime industries. In addition, we provide lanyards, mooring lines, anchor chains, fittings, tie-downs, ratchets, and slings for lifting cargo.


Green Growth
- Green Growth supplies a whole range of Marine Micro Algae in Freeze Dried Powder and we offer fresh liquid paste a highly pure, concentrate of fresh live cells of the marine micro algae.


Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc
- Fast and airtight ultrasonic packaging sealing solutions with a focus on high throughput and sustainability. Different materials and new packaging designs require continuous development of new economic solutions for the packaging industry.


ICM Meters
- ICM makes all equipment in Oregon. ICM makes o2, pH, turbidity, conductivity meters, and pH controllers. We also sell Horiba, paper for chart recorders, pH buffers, and pH probes.


Industrial Netting
- Industrial Netting provides the Aquaculture Industry with the world's largest protect your valuable investment from predators of all kinds - both above and below the water surface.  Bird barrier netting and aquaculture cages and fish dividers in the form of heavier plastic aquaculture meshes and netting are available for immediate shipment.


Integrated Marine Systems
- We design and manufacture refrigerated seawater systems for commercial fishing vessels as well as blast freezers, production tunnel blast units and brine freezing systems from 7.5 tons (nominal refrigeration tonnage) to over 400 tons. We also build refrigeration for seafood processing plants worldwide. Refrigerated Seawater Systems (RSW), Chillers (in both titanium and copper nickel), Brine Freezing Equipment, Hatch Mounted Blast Freezers, Continuous throughput production tunnel blast freezers, batch freezers.


Invincible Boats
- Our patented monohull makes our boats fast while allowing passengers to stay comfortable and dry in rough seas. This comes from the facts: our hull has one of the lowest drag coefficients of any monohull in the world and was designed by the distinguished naval architect Michael Peters. The air-fed tunnel produces higher speeds with lower power and a more stable ride, while maintaining maneuverability. We have honed its construction to be tough, yet lightweight to further increase fuel efficiency. Our patent-pending catamaran hull incorporates the best elements from our monohulls with the additional stability provided from a multihull design. Morelli & Melvin, creators of many America’s Cup sailing yachts, designed the hull through cloud computing utilizing advanced fluid dynamics software originally intended for use in aeronautical environments. 37' Catamaran, 40' Catamaran, 33' Open Fisherman, 36' Open Fisherman, 39' Open Fisherman, 42' Open Fisherman, 42' Center Cabin


Key West Electronics
- a dealer friendly supplier of marine products for both light marine and high seas, pledges meticulous service, absolute lowest pricing and the widest selection of marine products available anywhere.


Maurer Marine Inc.
- Orange County's premier dealer for Yamaha, Mercury, Suzuki, Zodiac, Hurricane and Avon.  We offer outboard motors, inflatable boats, genuine parts & accessories as well as carry extended warranties and offer impeccable service's. 


Modern Ice Equipment & Supply Company
- We proudly represent and distribute ice making, storage, and handling equipment for Vogt, Matthiesen, North Star, Siemens, and many other leading manufacturers. 


Morris & Associates, Inc.
- Morris offers engineered solutions in industrial thermal management applications for food processing, process cooling, process heating and other markets. We offer: Chilling systems for processing plants which includes the MT-1B™ auger and Morris Rechiller™. Thawing/tempering systems for pre-processing. Ice systems (ice production/storage/delivery) for boats and production. COPE® pathogen control systems to increase shelf life. Brand Names: COPE®, MT-1B™, Morris Rechiller™, Tube-Cube®, Ice-Master®


Morty The Knife Man
- supplying the Seafood processing industry for over 35 years! Known for quality, value and service we offer tools and knives for processing, an array of seafood merchandising solutions, shellfish knives and seafood tools.


Mr Fish International
- Fish Processing Machines. Double chamber vacuum packing machines, new, all stainless located in Miami Florida USA, also skinning machines and scaling machines.


OSF Flavors
- Fish flavor enhancer to replace a portion of fish meal by a blend of soy meal with flavor. Huge $s savings in the manufacturing of pellets for fish meal. Exist also for shrimp meal.


Pacific Ocean Host Inc. 
- International trading company. We are successful providing distribution, import & export, trading service, logistics, and marketing of food commodities. Our mission is to develop long term business relation with our customers based on trust and professional business ethics. In order to institute an effective supply chain with the highest quality of end product, it is our duty to bridge and link the gap between produce and consumer as a competitive and reliable partner. We have Ice machines& refrigeration, processing equipment , packaging & Storage equipment , cleaning products& equipment , marine engines, part& spares. we have a group of high quality refrigeration and electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, senior mechanics and after service team. we have advanced and complete sets of production machines.


Packaging Products Corporation
- Plastic Fillet Containers, Insulated Shippers, Waxed Corrugated Shippers, 100% Recyclable moisture resistant shippers, Folding Freezer Cartons, Artificial Refrigerants, Printed Poly Bags Shellfish Packaging, Live Lobster Packaging, Fresh Tuna and Swordfish packaging, Fillet Packaging, Scallop Packaging


Plastic Packaging Inc
- We are a 50 year old private-held flexographic packaging company that can handle your needs from art to finish product.  We are capable of printing and converting 10 color laminated roll stock, bags or roll stock.


Playing Hooky Enterprise
- Clam Growing Equipment: Clam bags, cover nets, other items to assist in growing and harvesting clams.


Polar Temp
- Southeast Cooler manufactures premium walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, and combination coolers at competitive prices. These walk in cooler installations are used for all types of cold storage and display applications.


Prima Supply
- Prima Supply specializes in commercial food preparation equipment. From the ice upon which the fish are laid, to the freezer in which it ends up, we supply the food preparation equipment, packaging, and refrigeration, and ice machines needed to preserve freshness.


Process Technology
- Heating products specifically designed for the aquaculture industry - Heater systems, electric immersion heaters (over-the-side heaters and bottom heaters), heat exchangers, screw plug heaters, temperature and level controls and accessories


Rock Marine
- We have a large selection of products including but not limited to Marine electronics, GPS, Fish Finders, Radar, Chart plotters, VHF Radios, SSB/HAM, antennas, Marine Plumbing, Ventilation, AIS systems, Cameras, Weather Faxes, Compasses, Instruments- Depth, Speed, Wind, Transducers.


Smokey Bay Seafood Group     
- Smokey Bay Seafood is a trading company based in Washington State, USA and British Columbia, Canada.  We specialize in bringing seafood aqua farms to the global market. Smokey Bay wants to keep collaborating by improving the nutritional profile of fish feeds with exceptional wild product, while incorporating alternative protein options within the insect and plant-base products. AQUAFEED PRODUCTS: Superba Krill, Pacifica Krill, Frozen Artemia Biomass, Frozen California Market Squid, Black Soldier Fly Larvae Whole, powder and Oil


S & W Wilson Ent., Inc.
- Marine life support system, fiber glass tank, titanium chiller barrel & systems, acrylic display tak, filtration systems, tanks for supermarkets...


Southern Label Company
- We specialize in compliance labelling for the Shellstock and Seafood industry. We produce tags for your clipping machines such as Tipper Tie and Polyclip, and Harvest and Dealer tags. Our labels are custom printed to your specifications.


Swell Fuel
- Ocean Energy generators, Swell Fuel has a unique and inexpensive way of making electricity from ocean wave energy.


U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC
- We sell a variety of packaging products including: shrink wrap, stretch film, packing and sealing tape, trash bags. We also sale a variety of food packaging supplies including: aluminum foil, cling wrap, freezer film, and more!


Vogt Ice LLC
- Vogt Ice revolutionized the commercial ice making industry in 1937 when it built the first Tube-Ice machine. The familiar cylindrical shaped ice with the hole in the center is known worldwide for its sparkling clarity. Impurities are washed away in the process, assuring clean, hard ice with a greater surface exposure for quicker cooling.


YSI Inc.
- Water quality meters to measure dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, pH, ORP, blue-green algae, turbidity, chorophyll, velocity, and much more.




Trading Safety
- Unfortunately, there are people who are dishonest and internet scams abound. While Sea-Ex & Trade-Seafood endeavour to check the company details that are listed, we recommend the following precautions are taken when dealing with a company:
  • Ask the business you plan to trade with for business references and CHECK THE REFERENCES.
  • Use a payment method that offers better protection for all such as Letters of credit and VERIFIED professional escrow services. Avoid payments in advance such as money transfers. Be wary if the seller only accepts wire transfers or cash.
  • Do a search of the company on the internet using the company website address, their business name, phone and fax numbers, and the email addresses provided to see if you can find any feedback about the company.
  • Ensure you understand all terms and conditions of any agreement, including SHIPPING CHARGES.

Learn more about scams to avoid or to make a complaint about a scam or fraud see: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Crime Complaint Center

Trade-Seafood & Sea-Ex are NEVER involved in any transaction, and we do not handle payments for orders, products or shipping, we DO NOT guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, offer buyer protection or seller certification.



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