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List of Companies who are Suppliers and Manufacturers of Fishing Tackle, Fishing Nets, Fishing Floats & Equipment for the Professional Fishing Industry


Sea-Ex Wholesale Fishing Tackle Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers by Country
- Directory of companies and contacts who supply wholesale tackle, fishing tackle, longline fishing products, tackle manufacturers, fishing nets & floats, tackle distributors, fishing tackle makers, fishing line, lures, fishing flies, fishing pole manufacturers, rods & reels, angling accessories



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Aesculab Instruments Co.
- We are long established manufacturers and exporters of Fishing Tools including Fishing scissors, fishing forceps, fishing pliers, fishing nippers,


Orbit AS
- We supply all kinds of aquaculture equipment to establish and run an aquaculture company. Also Aerators for water oxygen problems. Cages, Nets, Antifouling paint, Marine Cranes, Harvest tanks, Aerators, Mooring equipment, Buoys, Frozen fish, Fresh Frozen fish, Smoked fish, Processing equipment, tools


Wudi Guangshu Commerce And Trade Co., Ltd
- Our company is a professional manufacturer in research, development, production and sales of anti-bird nets, bird nets, scallop cage, spring cage, fishing nets, crab cage, climbing net, cucumber nets, chicken-resistant nets, fishing nets, rope lines, PE twines, anti-hail nets, sun-shade nets, sports nets, safety nets and other plastic products


Rocky Bait Line
- We are a Family Owned and Operated Wholesale Company that supplies and with delivery or shipping our products to Retail sporting good locations, Recreational businesses bait shops and campgrounds. We specialize in and carry year-round supplies of bait - Fresh Live Worms, Night crawlers, Nitro-Glow, Trout Worms, Mealworms, Maggots, Leeches, Live Leeches, Frozen Minnow, Salted Frozen Minnow, Anchovies, Sardines Smelts, Herring, Shrimp, Preserved Baits, Cured Baits, Fishing Tackle, Custom Lures, as well as Outdoor Seasonal products and Novelty goods.


M.H.Chen’s Industrial Co. Ltd
TAIWAN - We are a Taiwan based leading manufacturer of commercial fishing gears. With over 30 years of experience in the fishing equipment industry, we specialized in manufacturing tuna longline snap, fishing swivel, tuna hook, circle hook, bench crimper...etc.


Forman Tech Co Ltd
- We are a factory of commercial fishing gears and longline fishing gears and metal halide fishing lamps and squid fishing gears. Including nylon monofilament line, Tarred line, tuna hooks, circle hooks, swordfish hooks, aluminum sleeves, copper sleeves, metal haliade fishing lamp, metal halide underwater lamps, sea lights, ballasts, E-Z baiter hooks, rainwears, etc


Jiangsu Yasheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd
- Manufacturers of stainless steel wire rope, pvc coated stainless steel wire rope, fishing wire rope, wire rope rigging, stainless steel architectural, cable railing, wire rope balustrades. our fishing ropes are available in different diameter and length as specified by our clients.


Land Ice and Fish, Ltd
- Land Ice and Fish, Ltd. operates a commercial fishing facility that provides services to commercial longline vessels. We sell a complete line of commercial fishing tackle and equipment. We manufacture boxes used in exportation of fish to the USA. We export fish from Trinidad to the USA. Yellowfin tuna and bigeye tuna.


Siang May Pte Ltd
- Importing and exporting all types of netting for the commercial fishing, agriculture, aquaculture, civil engineering, construction, sports and industrials applications


YM Fishing Corporation
- Suppliers as a specialist in Longline fishing gears, Commercial fishing gears and Commercial fishing gears etc.


R G Conceptz
- We are into the export business of Fishing Nets and Tackle. We mainly export our products to Norway and Canada.


Commercial Fishing Supplies
- Operated by ex-professional fishermen with huge industry experience, CFS is A direct importer/exporter of commercial fishing equipment, supplying quality goods to professional fishing companies throughout Australia and the Pacific.


Florida Net and Sling Supply
- Florida's premiere and most trusted source for fishing nets, lifting slings for fishing boats and yachts, rope, wire rope, hatch-covers and safety gear for maritime industries. In addition, we provide lanyards, mooring lines, anchor chains, fittings, tie-downs, ratchets, and slings for lifting cargo.


Marine Publications Pty Ltd
- We provide platform for Australian based dealers and individuals to buy and sale boats online. There is sure to be a boat for sale here is suited for every individual as we have massive variety of boats. We are also the publisher of Trailerboat Fisherman and Australian Boating magazines.


York & Lancaster Group Pty Ltd
- 30 years experience in fishing tackle, nets, floats, ropes and chandlery equipment.


Seamaster Fishing Supplies
- We supply fishing gear direct with wholesale prices to all the different fishing industries, processing factories, retail shops, online shops, only top quality fishing gear, We are suppliers to tuna fishermen, oyster farmers, hook fishermen, rock lobster, prawn fishermen, game & sports fishermen, lure makers, retail shops etc, through out Australia and all over the world.


Sinoglow Industrial Co., Ltd
- Sinoglow Co. Ltd. Is a commercial fishing lightsticks manufacturer in china for more than 15 years. In longline fishing industry, our 4" fishing glow sticks and 6" fishing light sticks are one of brightest & longest lasting glowsticks with the lowest prices chemical light on the market.


Vónin Ltd
- Vónin's comprehensive range of net-based fishing gear includes pelagic trawls, semi pelagic trawls, bottom trawls, purse seine nets, fishfarming nets, with the addition of trawl doors and all accessories.


An-Liang Marine Lighting Co. Ltd
- A manufacturer of Marine Lighting - navigation lighting, marine ceiling lighting, marine power switch, marine power socket, all water proof. Signal lights, illuminative lamps, navigation lights, and switches for marine use and other relative products and appliances.


Distribuidora Nautica, C.A.
- Importer & representative company 20 years in the fishing market supplying hooks, nets, pallets, plastic products, ropes, marine parts and so on.


Aqui-S New Zealand Ltd
- enhances the quality and value of fish produced in the aquaculture and fishing industries with humane and cost effective products and services providing you with a high return on your investment.


Haverford Pty Ltd
- Since 1888, Haverford has been supplying a range of products for both commercial and recreational applications. The family owned and operated company based in Sydney now supply a large range of netting, rope, twine and tackle


Ketchum Manufacturing
- We are the world's leading supplier of marketing products for finfish and shellfish. We manufacture tags for whole fish, fillets, and shellfish. We also manufacture a net tag used for commercial fishing nets, and traps, as well as aquaculture pens and nets.


YM Fishing Corporation
- Suppliers as a specialist in Longline fishing gears, Commercial fishing gears and Commercial fishing gears etc..


Dong Kwang International Corp
- We are a leading manufacturer & exporter of commercial & longline fishing equipments with history of 20 years in the same business.


Slippurinn Akureyri - DNG ehf.
- We produce the revolutionary computerized jigging reel, DNG C6000i.


Active Fishing Systems
- Active Trawl System - fuel-saving fully maneuverable aimed trawling and seabed-friendlier bottom trawling - puts control where it should be - at the net end of the warps. Deep Troller - moves up and down in the water column, expanding the troll envelope. Tunaware - Longline setting software


Amer Jrabe
- Professional fishing tackle, nets and floats.


Barreto & Guersoni Engenhari Ltda
- Producers of fishing lights for local industrial fishing process


Morty The Knife Man
- supplying the Seafood processing industry for over 35 years! Known for quality, value and service we offer tools and knives for processing, an array of seafood merchandising solutions, shellfish knives and seafood tools.


S & W Wilson Ent., Inc.
- Marine life support system, fiber glass tank, titanium chiller barrel & systems, acrylic display tank, filtration systems, tanks for supermarkets...


AGK Kronawitter GmbH
- Technology for fish. We deliver the complete equipment for aquacultures and fish producers. Also we build turnkey ready fishfarms with complete fish processing equipment.


Fuzhou Wenfu Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd
- we produce series plastic products, such as plastic wall solid container, basket, bucket and trawl floats. The trawl floats are special designed for 300-2000 meters depth.


- Fish farming and equipment. Floating Dock Systems, Netcage Systems, Recirculation Systems, Aeration Systems, Incubation Systems, Feeding Systems, Processing Systems


Jiangsu G & G Netting
- with advanced machine and technology and tens of experience, is specialized in producing raschel knotless net and netting, widely used in fishing, gear, cages for fish and shellfishing farming, agriculture, bird netting, agriculture growing, sports net, safety nets, among other uses


Blue Ice Aqua Marine Engineering
- 15 years service as builder of Titanium chillers, condensers, and diesel engine jacket water coolers.  Products on 328 ships in 28 countries.


Fibras Industriales S.A. (FISA)
- Over 60 years manufacturing fishing nets, ropes, twine, pp woven bags. We also supply built fishing nets and built cages for Salmon, Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Tilapia and more.


Ozsay Bulgaria Marine Electronics Ltd
- All marine radio, navigational electronics, marine echo sounders, fish finders, Furuno, JMC, Koden, JRC, sales and service since 1996.


Fishing International Supplies & Hardware
- Australia's Largest supplier of longline commercial fishing supplies, Gloweez(R) genuine glow sticks, beacons, batteries, hooks, mainline, branchline and more. We export all over the world and all over Australia.


Akvaplast Plastic and Marine Company
- We produce, from 12mt 65mt dia offshore cages, from 80lt to 2500 lt mooring buoys, isolated fish bins, monoblok polyethilene boats.


Tidal Enterprises Ltd
- is the largest supplier of marine industrial Ropes, chain, shackles, Thimbles & Netting in the Pacific North West. Three Strand Rope, Braided Rope, Galvanized Chain, Mooring Chain, Shackles, Thimbles, Twine & Netting, Mooring Buoys


Sub Zero Ltd
- Techni Ice, a vastly improved (Dry Ice replacement) cold-pack product is now available in Vietnam. Based on revolutionary technology developed in Australia, Techni Ice keeps items such as food and drink cold for far longer than traditional gel packs and bagged ice.


Industrial Netting
- Industrial Netting provides the Aquaculture Industry with the world's largest protect your valuable investment from predators of all kinds - both above and below the water surface.  Bird barrier netting and aquaculture cages and fish dividers in the form of heavier plastic aquaculture meshes and netting are available for immediate shipment.


Orfi Ic Ve Dis Tic. Ltd Sti
- We produce off shore polyethylene aquaculture cages, cage systems, fish and processing tanks, polyethylene boats, tuna cages, tuna towing cages, fast tuna towing cages, tuna farming cages, tuna feeding systems, mooring hardware, mooring designs and services, land based aquaculture systems, recirculating aquaculture systems, biofilters, oxygenation and aeration systems. We supply larval feeds, feed additives, artemia, aquarium feeds.


Bait Plus Nets
- We have been building fish nets for over 30 years and can supply almost any type or shape of net from your design or from our large range of designs which we have on file. We also work with our customers in building them the right net for the type of fish they are targeting and can supply to anywhere in the world.


Marine Delta International Co., Ltd
- Marine Delta is a professional supplier for commercial fishing gears, tuna longline fishing gears, FAD equipments and sporting fishing tackles and equipments. Our Main Products are covering 1. Hooks : SS Tuna Hook, SS Circle Hook, SS Swordfish hook Kirby Sea Hook, Round Bent Sea Hook, Double Hook, Treble Hook. 2. Sleeves, tips, and other jointed parts for longline fishing 3. Crimpers 4. Snaps: longline branch hanger (USA type & Japan type) 5. Swivels : S.S. BL Swivel, Crane Swivel, Box Swivel, Heavy Duty Swivel. 6. Buoys / Longline Floats / Plastic Float / EVA Foam Float 7. Tubes: Braided Polyester Tube, Luminous Tube, Vinyl Tube, Luminous Casting Pipe 8. Wire Leaders 9. Working Tools 10.Working Wears 11. Strobe Light, Signal Light, Underwater lighting system 12. Fishing Net /Gill Net / Trammel Net / Cast Net / Rope / Twine 13. Radio Buoy, antenna, battery and all other spares for radio buoys


China Shipbuilding Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
- We export all products or items about marine and agriculture (various separator, press crew separator, air-flow drier). Mooring Rope (pp material), Fishing Net, Fishing Bag, Chain, Shackle, Block, some steel products and some saving appliance.


WNL Marine Electronics
- We do all electronic bridge equipment for communication, navigation and observation but we are specialized in fish finding equipment like sonars, sounders, net systems etc and representing World leading manufacturers like Simrad, Kaijo Wesmar etc.


Panel Pot Products Ltd
- We produce plastic Shrimp (prawn) pots and Nephrops pots


Zener Marine
- a leading Marine Electronics, Automation, Navigation & Communication equipment Sales and Service provider based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, covering entire Middle East, Egypt, Iran, India and parts of Africa. We undertake sales and services on following systems for various marine clients ranging from wooden dhows, pleasure crafts to ocean going vessels, including the offshore platforms


Champlin Net Company
- Hoop Nets, Turtle Nets, Monofilament, and Nylon Tied Down Gill Nets, Monofilament, and Nylon Trammel Nets, Monofilament Webbing, Nylon Webbing, Hooks, Twine, Rope, Knives, Cast Nets, Bait Cheese, Anchors, Net Drags, Wire Fish Traps, Bait Traps, PVC Coated Crawfish Traps, and Wire. Sports Equipment, Batting Cages, Baseball Backstops, Pitching Nets, Golf Backstops, Amusement Park Covers, Rainwear, Boots, Aprons.


Netting . com. au
- We specialise in finding netting solutions


Kajiki Fishing CC
- 35 years experience in the fishing industry particularly in supplying to commercial and recreational Tuna Pole, rod and reel vessels. Products also supplied to Longline and linefish vessels.




Trading Safety
- Unfortunately, there are people who are dishonest and internet scams abound. While Sea-Ex & Trade-Seafood endeavour to check the company details that are listed, we recommend the following precautions are taken when dealing with a company:
  • Ask the business you plan to trade with for business references and CHECK THE REFERENCES.
  • Use a payment method that offers better protection for all such as Letters of credit and VERIFIED professional escrow services. Avoid payments in advance such as money transfers. Be wary if the seller only accepts wire transfers or cash.
  • Do a search of the company on the internet using the company website address, their business name, phone and fax numbers, and the email addresses provided to see if you can find any feedback about the company.
  • Ensure you understand all terms and conditions of any agreement, including SHIPPING CHARGES.

Learn more about scams to avoid or to make a complaint about a scam or fraud see: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Crime Complaint Center

Trade-Seafood & Sea-Ex are NEVER involved in any transaction, and we do not handle payments for orders, products or shipping, we DO NOT guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, offer buyer protection or seller certification.



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