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The Seafood Directory:

Seafood Companies by Species - Fish and seafood products listed by common names in alphabetical order, each species is separated into sector such as exporters of, importers of... and on these pages you will find a list of companies that supply, buy or process the sea food, marine product or fish species selected. This section is useful if you are looking to buy or sell a specific seafood product.


Seafood Companies by Country - Seafood companies listed by country that their office is located in. Full company information, contact details and information on the seafood products that these companies deal in.

Seafood Importers - Buyers and importers of fish, seafood and marine products - worldwide listings. Full company information, contact details and information on the seafood products that these companies buy.


Seafood Exporters - Seafood & Fish Sellers and Exporters - worldwide company listings. Full company information, contact details and information on the seafood products that these companies sell.


Aquaculture Producers - Fish farms, Pisciculture, Aquaculture producers of Fish & Seafood products, companies that feed, grow and harvest fish or sea food products for sale to a seafood processor (farm-gate sellers are also listed) - worldwide listings


Seafood Processors - Seafood & Fish Processors, this area includes both At Sea processing and freezing of fish and Shore based fish processing sector companies. Seafood processors receive fish in bulk and clean, fillet or portion and pack for supply to distributors - worldwide listings.


Seafood Producers - Seafood & Fish Producers, companies that produce and manufacture seafood products, fishing vessel & fishing fleet owners that harvest fish and seafood and supply to seafood processors.


Seafood Agents - Seafood Buyers Agents and Traders of Fish products. Country representatives that can assist you in local procurement, inspection and shipping of your fish or seafood requirements.

Commercial Fishermen - Commercial Fishing Boat owners and Fishing Vessel Fleet Operators. Operators of commercial fishing vessels that catch and sell in bulk to fish processors.


Bait Suppliers - Companies who supply Fishing Bait products to commercial fishermen and wholesale suppliers of Fish Bait to tackle shops.

Wholesale Seafood - Wholesale Fish suppliers and Seafood Distributors, local suppliers or in-country suppliers.


Retail Seafood Suppliers - Companies who supply fish and seafood products to Retail Seafood Outlets. Retail fish shops who supply to consumers and public are also listed.


Seafood Restaurants - Companies who specialise in supplying seafood and fish products to Restaurants, Hotels and Catering Establishments - foodservice suppliers.

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Suppliers of Products to the Seafood & Commercial Fishing Industries:

Main Suppliers Directory - Index of sectors of other products to the Fish and Seafood Industry. This section lists products that are necessary for the industry to function, from Fishing Vessel equipment to seafood and fish processing equipment, aquaculture equipment and fish feed, seafood packaging materials, industrial clothing and other food products used in the production of value-added seafood.


Suppliers Companies listed by Country - Suppliers of other products to the commercial fish and seafood industry. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Companies are listed by country with their full company details and contacts.


Ice Machines & Refrigeration - Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of ice machines (both fresh water and salt water) - flake ice machines, block ice, tube ice, cube ice, ice crushers, ice makers and ice packs, ice storage and delivery systems. Refrigeration - refrigerators, freezers, chillers, blast freezers, IQF lines, cold store panels and doors, commercial ice machines, walk in coolers, on board and on shore freezing equipment, walk in freezers, containerized ice systems, superfrozen technology, insulated ice boxes, refrigerated display cabinets. Worldwide listings, full company contact details.


Processing Equipment - Manufacturers and suppliers of Seafood & Fish Processing Equipment. Seafood processing plants and seafood canneries equipment, food preparation equipment, skinning knives, fish filleting knives, oyster knives, knife sharpeners, cutting and chopping boards and tables, thermometers, labelling and tags for shellfish and seafood, fish drying plants, fish boxes, metal detectors, x-ray machines, checkweighers and weighing scales, sealing machines, conveyors, stainless steel trolleys, food pans, vacuum packing machines, fish skinning machines, fish scaling machines, shrimp processing lines, commercial smoking ovens, insulated boxes, waterproof scales, fish filleting machines, plastic pallets and crates, portion graders, on-board processing plants, temperature monitoring products, data loggers...


Packaging & Storage Equipment - Manufacturers and suppliers of Packing Supplies & Equipment for Seafood Companies. Plastic bags, packaging Labels, bags, plastic film, airtight packaging sealing solutions, shrink wrap, stretch film, packing & sealing tape, aluminum foil, freezer film, harvest & dealer tags, fish boxes and cartons, plastic vacuum pouches, insulated fish boxes, aluminium food containers, dry gel ice sheets, waxed liner sheets and boxes, corrugated boxes, plastic strapping....


Laboratory & Testing Equipment - Suppliers and Manufacturers of Laboratory & Testing Equipment for the seafood and fishing industries. Laboratory Refrigerator, Ice Flaker, Deep Freezer, o2, pH, turbidity, conductivity meters, and pH controllers, Color reader Instrument to check color of export fish & meat, X-ray and Metal Detection Systems....


Cleaning Products & Equipment - List of Companies who are Suppliers and Manufacturers of Cleaning Products for Marine, Boats and Seafood Processing Industries. Disinfectants for use in food preparation areas, seafood processing plants, both seawater and freshwater, anti-bacterial's, general cleaning chemicals and systems, high pressure cleaning equipment, sanitisation equipment and chemicals to prevent disease, ultraviolet sterilization equipment....


Chandlery Equipment - Companies who are Marine Chandlers, Marine and Boating Equipment Suppliers. Ship's chandlers, chandlery supply, marine safety equipment, marine lighting, steel wire, rope suppliers, rigging, anchors and anchor chain, marine spare parts, fittings, clings, ventilation, deck stores, cabin stores, braided rope, shackles, twine, mooring buoys, electrical and plumbing supplies for boats and ships....


Live Seafood Tanks, Plants & Aquariums - Companies who are Suppliers of Seafood Tanks, Aquaculture Tanks and Fish Tank Construction. Raceway Tank, Circular Tank, recirculation aquaculture systems, Incubation Tank, live lobster tanks, Construction of recirculatory and flow through ponds, live seafood holding systems, live fish transport tanks, glass aquarium manufacturers and suppliers, crustacean storage plants, acrylic display tanks, fiberglass fish tanks and ponds, netcage systems, aquaculture cages, tuna farming cages, display aquariums and cabinets, pond reservoirs and fish dams.


Aquaculture Equipment - Suppliers and Manufacturers of Aquaculture Equipment. Surface aerator, Paddlewheel aerator, Turbo Jet aerator, Air jet aerator, Submersible pump, fish feeders, fish feed pellet line, sinking & floating fish feed pellet machine, Water Pumps, Flood Control, oyster farming equipment, mooring systems, nets, heating systems, immersion heaters, temperature controllers, aquarium filters, bead filters, water analysis kits, clam growing equipment, shellfish bags, temperature monitoring products, thermometers, data loggers....


Aquaculture Industry Products - Suppliers and Manufacturers of Aquaculture Industry Products such as Water treatment chemicals, zeolite to avoid ammonia build up, water disinfection products, acid stabilizers, natural microbe and enzymes, water conditioning products, bacteria control, nutrients, products to improve the health of fish, Water Treatment & swimming Pool chemicals...


Fish Feed Manufacturers & Suppliers - Companies who are Manufacturers & Suppliers of Fish Feed, Fish Food, Fish Meal & Fish Feeding Equipment. Fish feed machines, Fish Meal, Aqua Fish Meal, Shrimp Feed, Prawns Feed, Dehydrated Squid Meal, Micro Algae in Freeze Dried Powder, enzymes, feed attractant, minerals, vitamins, aquaculture feed for larvae and fish fry, fish food pellets- sinking and floating pellets, Foods for ornamental fish....


- Fishing Tackle, Nets & Floats
- Navigational / Electronic Equipment
- Boat, Ship & Trawler Manufacturers
- Boat Lifting Equipment
- Marine Engines, Parts & Spares
- Repairs Tools, Materials & Equipment
- Fuel Suppliers
- Other Food Products
- Industrial Clothing, Work Uniforms, Gloves, Safety Wear
- Safety Equipment, Marine Safety Equipment
Advertising, Promotional & Marketing Materials - Companies who are Manufacturers and suppliers of Signs, Banners, Printing, POS Items, Company Branding, Promotional Items, Product Marketing Materials.....
Suppliers of Services to the Seafood & Commercial Fishing Industries:
Main Services Directory
Services Companies Listed by Country
Consultants Directory:
- Aquaculture Consultants
- Training Consultants
- General Business Consultants
- Marketing Consultants
- Food Safety & Quality Control
- Biosecurity/Traceability Consultants
- Environment & EMS Consultants
- Communications, Media & IT Consultants
Other Services to the Seafood Industry:
- Aquaculture Services
- Certification Services
- Processing Services
- Marine Engineers / Repairers
- Marine Surveyors
- Boat & Ship Builders / Architects
- Transport & Logistics
- Cold Storage, Refrigeration & Freezer
- Seafood Agents & Inspectors
- Customs & Clearance Agents
- Legal Services
- Finance & Investment Services
- Insurance Companies
- Boat, Ship, License & Quota Brokers
- Marinas & Slipways
- Cleaning | Boat Detailing
- Testing Services
- Food Safety & Quality Control
- Training Services
- Weather Services
- Trade & Marketing Portals
- Crewing Agencies & Services
- Boat/Ship Provisioning Services
- Commercial Divers
- News & Publications
- Technology & Communications Services

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