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Directory of Aquaculture Consultants | Fish Farm Consultants


DIY Water Gardening
USA - We are an online supplier for outdoor and indoor fish pond supplies since 2009. Supplying pond liner, pond pumps, fish food, pond pipe, pond kits. Water Treatment and testing, lake and pond management, pond care and maintenance etc.



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National Aquaculture Development Agency
- ANDA is a public entity, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries. ANDA aims to promote the development of marine aquaculture on the Moroccan coastline. As a strategic actor in the aquaculture industry, ANDA works to create a genuine momentum to establish a sustainable aquaculture in Morocco.


Burdette Industries
- Burdette Industries has been helping first time fish farmers and Established fish farms with consulting, engineering design ,equipment and aquaponics since 1976


- AquacultureTalent - is the only job market place in the world for Aquaculture.


Ancient Mariner Consulting
- If you have clients interested in buying into the complicated industry commonly known as the Fishing Industry, contact me for solutions.


Aquarius Lawyers
- TALK TO THE FISH LAWYER! Don’t flap around in the water! If you have a legal issue or question choose the law firm with “the Fish Lawyer”. Aquarius Lawyers is a law firm specialising in the marine and fisheries industry. If it happens in the marine environment we know the law. Our firm can provide advice and representation in all marine business, commercial fisheries, defense of fisheries prosecutions and international law. We also provide Education, Training and Development – development and delivery of Workshops, Seminars, Courses and Programs for non-lawyers.


Wizdraft Services Limited
- Marketing, Trading Agent, Training and Consultant working with with several commercial fish farming across Nigeria. We also finance major agricultural project within and outside Nigeria. And we also act manufacturer's representative to farm and agricultural tools and machinery manufacturing industries.


AquaBioTech Group
- The AquaBioTech Group undertakes a variety of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic environmental projects through its regional offices and selected partners throughout the world. The vast majority of the company’s work is related to the marine or aquatic environment, encompassing aquaculture developments, market research / intelligence, through to project feasibility assessments, finance acquisition, project management, technology sourcing and technical support and training.


- Water Management, Water Pumps, Flood Control, Irrigation Districts. ETEC is synonymous of innovation, hydraulic efficiency and reliability. Technical innovation in manufacturing high volume pumps, and the subsequent breakdown of technological paradigms, has been the inner force that motivates the team of engineers since the origins of the company.


Octaform Systems Inc.
- Octaform’s Finished Forming System provides unparalleled design and engineering flexibility, with minimal maintenance costs, and a bright clean environment for fish production.


Smokey Bay Seafood Group     
- Smokey Bay Seafood is a trading company based in Washington State, USA and British Columbia, Canada.  We specialize in bringing seafood aquafarms to the global market. Smokey Bay wants to keep collaborating by improving the nutritional profile of fish feeds with exceptional wild product, while incorporating alternative protein options within the insect and plant-base products. AQUAFEED PRODUCTS: Superba Krill, Pacifica Krill, Frozen Artemia Biomass, Frozen California Market Squid, Black Soldier Fly Larvae Whole, powder and Oil. We also supply premium quality Oyster Knives - the right tool to shuck oysters and is an ideal utensil for restaurants, distributors, retailers and chefs.


Aquaculture Insurance Exchange
- Our offices have a history and many years of experience with specialty insurance products. A.I.E., is a new division within our company that offers Insurance policies to aquaculture ventures in North America. Aquaculture insurance has many benefits including protection against a variety of hazards and catastrophic events, improved access to investment capital for expansion, peace of mind for farmers and investors.


Aquaculture Consulting
- Specialized in design and construction of Aquaculture Recirculating Systems for commercial and research purposes. 30 years experience in aquaculture. Main fish species Tilapia, Catfish, Sturgeon, Trout, Abalone


SRMM AquaCulture Sdn Bhd
- An aquaculture, biotechnology research, development and commercial production company undertaking the entire gamut of the culture chain of the species “Macrobrachium rosenbergii”, the giant Malaysian freshwater prawn, locally known as the Udang Galah.


Steven Simpson Books
- Long established specialist bookseller and publishers' distributor. Sales Agent for FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations). Books and scientific publications on aquaculture, fisheries, ichthyology and aquarium keeping


Epicore BioNetworks inc.
- Epicore provides innovative solutions for the aquaculture industry based on its expertise in environmental microbiology and animal nutrition. Epicore's aquaculture biotechnology products use natural microbes and enzymes to improve water conditions and increase disease control. Epicore's specialty feeds for shrimp larvae and broodstock are based on the company's proprietary nutritional technology.


Fisheries Technology Associates, Inc.
- Since 1982, Fisheries Technology Associates has been a world leader in aquaculture, fish farming, fish culture, and wild fisheries consulting and management services.


Biological Vietnam Seafoods Consulting
- we design & realise aqua farms, hotels & resorts water solution. We usually recommend natural solutions. filtration systems, aquaculture, hotels water management, analyses, project development, organic swimming pool.


Epicore BioNetworks inc.
- Epicore provides innovative solutions for the aquaculture industry based on its expertise in environmental microbiology and animal nutrition. Epicore's aquaculture biotechnology products use natural microbes and enzymes to improve water conditions and increase disease control. Epicore's specialty feeds for shrimp larvae and broodstock are based on the company's proprietary nutritional technology.


Smokey Bay Seafood Group
- We specialize in bringing seafood aquafarms to the global market.


Seafarm Systems (The PFG Group)   
- Suppliers of Aquasure cages and ice bins, filtering systems, ocean aquaculture solutions, steel stanchion cages, hatchery and feeding equipment, nets (best net prices - including Kikko nets), Aquamoor mooring systems, netweight hooks and aquaculture consulting services.


Wert-Berater, Inc
- a full service provider of environmental impact and site assessments, civil engineering and economic and market feasibility studies for Aquacultural Projects worldwide.


Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia
- Representing the interest of fish and shellfish farmers in Nova Scotia


Noe Aquaculture Consultants
- Tropical Aquaculture Specialists. Feasibility studies, project management, farm management, ACC certification, rural development.


Thirdgen Consultancy Services
- We are a company giving consultancy to the aquaculture farmers, feedmillers, hatchery owners. At the same time we have lead auditor for ISO9001:2000, GMP and HACCP.


AquaFarm srl
- We design fish farms, we provide breeding and rearing technologies for most major freshwater species, we assist in adapting existing technologies and rearing techniques to the specific conditions of each farm; we assist farmers in diagnosing and treating fish diseases; we also supply aquaculture equipment, portable water analysis reagents and equipment.


Aqua Paradise Nigeria Limited
- Construction of recirculatory and flow through ponds, sales of fingerlings, juveniles, seminars, general consultancy services.


Aquaculture Association of Southern Africa
- The Association has since developed into a structure with representation from the various sectors contributing towards the aquaculture industry of the region, including marine species such as oysters, mussels, abalone and prawns; freshwater species such as trout, catfish, tilapia, ornamental fishes; as well as service providers such as feed companies, equipment suppliers and veterinary services.


Blue Aqua Biotech Consultancy
- We are mainly concentrating on Shell Fish Hatchery and Farm Design, Construction and Consultancy and also all fin fish (Marine and Fresh Water) hatchery and farm consultancy.


Pioneer A.E. Company Limited
- Aquaculture Equipment and consultancy.


- AquaEco is an independent facilitator of aquaculture development, with many complementary and specialist services in the fast growing aquaculture industry.


Aqua Fauna Consulting
- specialises in providing advice, operations and management skills to tuna farming and tuna fishing projects worldwide. 


Aqua-Agro Farmers
- catfish & tilapia farming, African giant snail and grasscutter farming, We supply live and dried product to hotels, we also export. We produce Fingerling and juvenile fish in commercial quantity. We offer Trainings and render consultancy Services.


Ibukun Feeds Ventures
- Our core competent area is to assist in establishing aquaculture projects. We also provide training and back up services.


Shetland Seafood Quality Control (SSQC)
- a service to aquaculture and fishery based businesses in Shetland. Marine farm services, inspectorate services, analytical services.


Aqua Sierra Inc.
- Water Quality and Fisheries Management, Aeration and Fish Stocking. a wide range of aquaculture project related services including; aquaculture facility design, feasibility and marketing studies, construction, management and staffing, recirculating indoor water systems, hatchery designs, integrated lake aquaculture systems, pond, tank and raceway production units, large and small scale systems, fish disease diagnosis and treatment, and nutritional analysis and ration formulation


The Thy Consulting
- an agricultural consulting company that trains farmers on different kind of profitable agricultural businesses like snail farming, grasscutter farming, bee keeping, gallstone export, ginger export, garlic export, charcoal export, bitter kola export, etc


C-Aid Consultants
- specialises in providing professional advice on the sustainable use of aquatic resources, natural resource management, seafood safety, fishery and environmental legislation. We also provide training services to the seafood industry.


African Fish Ltd
- Aquaculture and Fisheries consulting on all aspects of the industry in Africa, mainly in the SADC region. We have over 30 years of experience in Africa. We have assisted with the formulation of both National and Regional Fisheries and Aquaculture development plans and policies. Our speciality is Tilapia and Crayfish farming


Technoman Consultants
- Based in Mauritius, we welcome investors for aqua culture in Mauritius, we can offer the right service as regards to space for culture.


Smokey Bay Seafood Group
- We specialize in bringing seafood aquafarms to the global market.


- Fish farming and equipment. Floating Dock Systems, Netcage Systems, Recirculation Systems, Aeration Systems, Incubation Systems, Feeding Systems, Processing Systems


Modern Mariculture Techniques MMT
- Our services include: Design, supervise and manage aquaculture projects, Marketing of aquaculture machineries & equipments, Marketing of fish fry & fingerlings & shrimp (P semisulcatus and MP japonicus) PLs.


AquaInTech Inc.
- AquaInTech sells products and supplies services to the international aquaculture community.  With 30 years of experience in all facets of the production and management process we work with our clients to ensure that they are using the best technologies and strategies to maximize productivity and thus profits.


Aquaculture Zimbabwe
- We set up shop early 2008, have a office and field staff amounting to 15 experts in their areas of work. We are working on promoting aquaculture at all farming levels since it has been dormant in our country for years.


Sea Cucumber Consultancy
- Sea cucumber Aquaculture Business Planning, Sea cucumber Hatchery, nursery and grow out design, Hatchery and Nursery Operation Management, Personnel selection and Staff training


Aqua-Fish Consultants
- We offer expertise in Aquaculture, Aquarium and rural development for individuals, NGO's and small/medium companies which are interested in sustainable and integrated aquaculture.


Mr Fish
- Fish processing and value added consultant. Carbon monoxide gas technologist. Set up cut and freeze operations throughout Asia and South America.  I train the staff, set up the processing standards along with HACCP guidelines and make sure the product is made and shipped correctly according to the specifications set up.  Advise, educate and monitor.


Soladome Aquaculture
- Specialists in development of aquaculture training systems


British Columbia Shellfish Growers Association
- Connect directly with over 180 Shellfish Growers in British Columbia. This industry association will help connect you to the right supplier for your market. British Columbia Shellfish Growers have over 60 years experience farming Pacific Oysters and Clams.


Global Aquatics USA
- Since 1976 Global Aquatics has been a leader in aquaculture research and development of intensive recirculating fish growing systems world wide.


MDAM Consultancy
- Consultancy on animal feed milling in general & extrusion technology. Consultations on feed mills projects with construction follows on, drying and storage of cereals, extrusion of oil seeds, cereals, fish & pet foods etc; starting up of plants, training of operators. Transportation of goods in & out.


Bay Harvest International
- Our core areas of operation include development of sustainable fisheries, aquaculture, post harvest handling, quality management and marketing. We are also specialised in setting up of Ornamental fish breeding units, oveseas marketing of ornamental fish and its promotion in International markets etc


Waterlife Design Group
- a design, engineering and consulting team servicing the aquaculture, public zoo and aquarium industries.


Aquapeche Algerie
- We perform study and feasibility on all project and investment in fishing field, aquaculture field and canned and processing unit.




Trading Safety - Unfortunately, there are people who are dishonest and internet scams abound. While Sea-Ex & Trade-Seafood endeavour to check the company details that are listed, we recommend the following precautions are taken when dealing with a company:

  • Ask the business you plan to trade with for business references and CHECK THE REFERENCES.
  • Use a payment method that offers better protection for all such as Letters of credit and VERIFIED professional escrow services. Avoid payments in advance such as money transfers. Be wary if the seller only accepts wire transfers or cash.
  • Do a search of the company on the internet using the company website address, their business name, phone and fax numbers, and the email addresses provided to see if you can find any feedback about the company.
  • Ensure you understand all terms and conditions of any agreement, including SHIPPING CHARGES.

Learn more about scams to avoid or to make a complaint about a scam or fraud see: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Crime Complaint Center

Trade-Seafood & Sea-Ex are NEVER involved in any transaction, and we do not handle payments for orders, products or shipping, we DO NOT guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, offer buyer protection or seller certification.



OFCO Seafood Inspection Vietnam

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