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Directory of Companies who are Crewing, Manpower and Staffing Agencies


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HR Quest Singapore Pte Ltd
- HRQ has experience in provision of qualified and experienced crews for all types of vessels in global operations, including fishing vessels, and provides competent fishermen and crews for your needs at the most competitive rates, and well supported by our experienced operation teams in regional offices.


Rising Ocean Marine Enterprise
- We are the largest manning agency principal that has been operating for 33 years. We currently supply thousands of Philippine and Indonesia crews to many places such as Mauritius, Cape Town, Fiji, Hong Kong, Busan, Tahiti, Apia, etc. We have established great long-term business relationships with many wonderful companies which own different kinds of vessels such as tuna longline, carrier, trawl, squid vessels, etc. Our headquarters is located in Singapore.


Trimarine Sinar Jaya PT
- We Are Crew Management and General Suppliers in Indonesia. Indo Florida Marine Services, is very familiar with the aspects of crewing vessels of various flag, type, kind and tonnage


Icehouse Arabia
- We are comprehensive solution provider to the refrigeration industry, especially concentrated in Fishing and fish processing, processed fish products marketing services. In the business in the territory since 1983. Products and services - chillers, freezers, blast freezers, iqf lines, fishing boats, trawlers, ice factories, monitoring and control systems, consulting, marketing, research, project reports, recruitment of fish industry professionals


PT Alam Segoro Joyo - Fishermen Recruitment Agency
- PT Alam Segoro Joyo is a crew manning company for all type of vessel including fishing industries, located in Indonesia and specialize in recruitment of qualified fishing personnels from Indonesia for fishing companies in Europe and Asia. We have been supplying to Taiwanese ship owners and agents for the below vessel types – Fresh Tuna Longline, Deep Freeze Tuna Longliner, Swordfish Longline, Purseiner, Fish & Shrimp Trawler, Squid Jigger & and many more. Our management emphasize on quality service to all ship owners as we uses its own representatives located in key areas of the world to recruit and co-ordinate manning which is seen as an essential component in delivering a quality service to our customers


Oceanic Marine
Our company is the biggest crew supplier for tuna longline, trawl, carrier and squid fishing vessels in the world. Our crews can board ship from all places such as Mauritius, Cape Town, Fiji, Hong Kong, Busan, Tahiti, apia, etc. We supply crews mainly from the Philippines and Indonesia. Our Philippine crews has the best track record in terms of work quality, strong mentally and physically, able to take hardships and also finish contract. Indonesian crews are generally more affordable if you are very cost conscious. We put in the extra effort to source crews mainly from the province. Through 30 years of experience, we find that crews from the province are the most suitable for fishing vessels. If you are looking for crews to work in longline, trawl, carrier and squid vessels, you are extremely lucky to find us! Unlike many other agencies, we go through a very tough screening process when selecting the seafarers in order to make sure they are suitable to work in your vessels. There is no other place you can get the best price, best quality and best service! Please contact us for more info.


A Good Employee
- A Good Employee gives employers peace of mind when making a hiring decision. Our employment background screening solutions are easy to read and understand. We use an extensive network of databases to provide a comprehensive report with a quick turnaround. Order one of our bundled packages for an instant report or contact us and we’ll create a custom solution that fits your company’s needs. With over a decade of experience, you can trust our FCRA compliant reports will help you hire smart.


Global Seaman Indonesia
- We are world wide of fishing vessel crew manning agent in Indonesia. During this time, we have already established business relations with various foreign companies, which own different kinds of vessels. We have a large database of qualified Indonesian seafarers based on stringent assessment and selection procedures in accordance with international standards.


PT. Hans Venina Abadi
INDONESIA - PT. Hans Venina Abadi, a private crew manning agency for all types of fishing vessels (longliner, trawler, squid jigger, purse seiner, etc). The company has recruited and deployed hundreds of experienced and qualified Indonesian seafarers to our overseas clients (Hawaii, Russia, UK, South Africa, Mauritius, Trinidad & Tobago, Maldives). Should you be interested in hiring our crews to be employed onboard of your vessels, please do not hesitate to contact our company.


Seaways Marine Services - Egypt
- Suez Canal Zone and all Egyptian ports. General Ship's Supplier - Fresh provisions, bonded stores, spare parts, fresh water, anti Piracy equipment, bunkers and chemicals, charts and publications... Underwater Services - hull cleaning, underwater fitting anodes etc. Ships husbandry, crew change, spare parts, marine contractor - deck repairs, engine repairs, garbage disposal, safety equipment. Marine and cargo surveyors


Echo Cargo & Shipping
- Echo Shipping is a company based in Dubai, UAE and founded in 1998. We are in: Ship Owning. Ship Management & Operations, Heavy Lifts. Project Cargo Movement & Projects Logistics. Seafood | Fresh Fruit Logistics.


PT Molajaya Samudera - Crew manning agency for fishing vessels
- A private crew manning agency for all types of fishing vessels (longliner, trawler, squid jigger, purse seiner, etc). The company has recruited and deployed hundreds of experienced and qualified Indonesian seafarers to our overseas clients ( Hawaii, Russia, UK, South Africa, Mauritius, Trinidad & Tobago, Maldives). Should you be interested in hiring our crews to be employed onboard of your vessels, please do not hesitate to contact our company.


- CrewingTop, a crewing agency, was founded in 2006. Our company is located in Odessa, one of the largest ports in Ukraine, traditional home city of thousands of seamen.


PT. Mojasindo Crew Manning
- Since 2001 we having good relationships with many fishing vessel owner in Asia such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. Over 10000 sailors we supplying them up today and never disappointed them. We supply crew for commercial fishing vessels such as: fresh tuna longline, deep freeze tuna longliner, swordfish longline, codfish longline, tuna seiner, fish & shrimp trawler, squid jigger, reefer vessel, fish transport, freeze vessel etc.


Ad Ship Management Pvt Ltd
- Ad Ship Management offers crew supply services on a lump sum basis for any type of vessel. Our wholly-owned network around the world permits us to stay close to the seafarers, to control the manning process and puts us in a position to meet any crew requirements.


Lansima Recruitment Company - Indonesia
- Our company is one of the Indonesian leading human resources recruitment company obtained the Recruiting license and legal from Indonesian Manpower Ministry since 1983. providing Indonesian skilled staff Middle East region.


The Next Shipping and Stevedoring Company Limited
- We can act as vessel’s agent for any vessels calling Trinidad and Tobago. All shipping and line agency matters, crew assistance, transport, accommodation, ship's chandlery, immigration services, customs brokerage, vessel crewing and port services.


PT. Instan Cipta Utama
- Our Company undertake the supply of qualified and experience Officer /Rating/ Deck Hand for all type of ship. Please don't hesitate to send your requirement. And we replied as soon as possible.


BTS Control
- Offering logistics services in all Moroccan ports. Sea carriage, ships agency & brokerage, forwarding and multimodal transportation, cargo surveys.


PT Talitakum
- Company providing recruitment of crew to join ship.


Western Legend Shipping | WLS Group
- Manning Agency, Crewing Agents, Shipping Agents, Chandlers, Freight for Warders, Ship Brokers, Bunker Services, Transporters, Stevedores


Wesleyan International Holdings (Private) Limited
- Maritime Services to all ships owners, operators and manning companies to appoint Sri Lankan crews through our Management. Our agency based in Colombo Sri Lanka and we are engaged and specialized in crew manning of Sri Lankan seafarers onboard Foreign Going vessels.


PT. Valera Maritime Indonesia
- Crewing agency supplying english speaking crew for tuna long liner, trawler, processing, factory trawler, factory long liner, purse seiner and gillnet.


Eagle Maritime (Pvt) Ltd
- We are ship agent's operating from the port of Colombo (Sri Lanka). Our agency network covers all Ports in Sri Lanka (Colombo, Galle, Hambantota, Trincomalee). All shipping related allied services such as crew change, delivery of ship-spares, handling armed guards, supply of bunkers and lubricants, cargo operations, transhipment operations etc are handled by this company. We are on call 24/7 basis.


PT Indo Florida Marine Services
- We Are Crew Management and General Suppliers in Indonesia. Indo Florida Marine Services, is very familiar with the aspects of crewing vessels of various flag, type, kind and tonnage


M/S Monika Enterprise
- One-stop service provider for all Provision, Engine, Deck, Bonded stores as well as service for Safety Items. Ship chandler, stores supply, marine spare parts, garbage cleaning, watchman supply, chipping and painting, ship repairing, Redder Gyro Compass and auto pilot repairing, bunker and lube oil supply


PT. Hans Venina Abadi
INDONESIA - An independent crew manning agency geared to provide a totally client service. We undertake the supply of qualified and experienced officer and crew for all types of vessels worldwide specialized fishing vessels or fishing industries. We offer competitive crew cost. For more information about our seafarers, feel free to contact us in case of interest.


Nordstar Marine Hayati PT
- We recruit Indonesian fishing crews, both from traditional fisherman and from educated and graduated from Fishery Schools, mostly to various fishing vessels as well as factory trawlers which operated in New Zealand water and Pacific Ocean


Globay Recruitment & Visa Consultants Agency
- Agency for Fish Packing, Fish Cutting, Labourers, Lobster, Company Security, Accountants, Cleaners, Drivers, Cook, Construction Post - Welders, Carpenters, Brick Layers, Store Keeper, Control Laboratory, etc and Administrative Post


Sona Sea Management & Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd
- Crew Manning, marine surveyors and ship provisioning company


Kimoship Ghana Ltd
- Kimoship is a reliable shipping company base in Ghana, our scope of business covers: Ship Agent & Brokers, Crew Agency & Manning Agent, International Freight Forwarders And Oilfield Service Providers.


Ocean Master Global Management 
- Ocean Master Global Management is a Crewing Agent which has experience for years in supplying qualified crews - from Deck Officer to Rating/Deckhand) for all type of ship (Tanker, Cargo, Tugboat, Supply, fishing Vessel, etc)- worldwide


Molajaya Fishingwork
- A company crewing and manning agency based in Indonesia . We serve the needs of companies of foreign fishing vessels that need workers potentially Indonesian seamen and able to speak English well. Our sailors are ready to work in a foreign fishing vessel manifold purse seiner, scallop trawler, crabber, fish trawler, prawn trawler, long liner, squid jigger, fishing gear, etc.


Odyssey Maritime
- A crew manning agency providing professional and experienced vessel personnel with the knowledge to successfully and cost effectively operate our clients' vessels and understand the changing maritime environment.


OCM Global Crew Management
- OCM-Global Crew Management has experience for years in supplying and placing qualified seafarer, Officers and Ratings, on board tanker, cargo, tug boat, supply, fishing vessel, etc all around the world


Seaport Marine Agency
- Providing qualified and experienced Marine Personnel and Marine worker to the Ship Repair Yard, Marine Workshop, Marine Project and Offshore Company


PT Trijaya Line
- Fully licensed and certified by Indonesian Government ship's crewing and manning agency.


Agencia Maritima
- Servizos de Contracion do Mar. Recruitment and selection of Spanish and foreign crews are highly qualified and widely experienced in different types of vessels and fishing gear.


Borsa Shipping Lines
- Crew manning and shipping supply, shipping consultant, general ships stores supply, shipping agency, bunker supplier, ship and boat buyer and agents.


Great Shipping Pvt Ltd
- We are crewing agent from Sri Lanka, supplying all candidates and our candidates are well qualified with experience and required license and certificates.


Etiana Ventures Limited
NIGERIA - We are ship chandler, we provide outstanding services, innovation and thought leadership, always readily available to give you our comprehensive quotations on services demand. We supply seafood, fresh vegetables, provisions, fresh water, bond stores, deck safety equipments etc. We operate on every Nigeria sea port and at anchorage, and also other neighboring port eg, Ghana ,Cotonou


Supercargo Ltd
- Tallinn Port Cargo Handling & Service. a well-customer oriented company providing excellent customer service in export-import & transportation logistics. Our company can be your right and reliable forwarding agent. We are ready to organise full service for Handling/Transhipment of the containerised and break-bulk cargo arriving to Tallinn from the different places.


Bangladesh Marine Service
- Merchant ship and fishing ship crew supply agent


PT Karunia Empat Bersama
- A manning & crewing service, provide our customers with high quality, cost efficient and personalized crewing service which will support and encourage safe and efficient ship operation


PT Abdi Marine
- Indonesian crewing agency.


Tri Power Crew Management
- solution to all your crewing needs at very competitive rates


Leeward Marine Services, Inc.
- Manning and crewing services of Modern Filipino Seaman onboard all types of foreign and local vessels.


PT Fosterindo Lintas Samudera
- An Indonesian-American-British-owned crew manning agency; marine surveyor;


PT Global Crew Management
- Crewing Agency for Fishing Vessel. We have a lot of crewmembers stand by in our office ready for sending to your good company, such as Bosun, Foreman, Deck Hand, ,Factory Hand, Packing, Cook, Oiler. For all type of Fishing Vessels - Tuna long liner, trawler, processing, factory trawler and factory long liner.


Gulf Coast Shipping Co. Ltd
- Began 1995 as a leading marine shipping company with over 3500 staffs across Africa.


- We specialized in seafood business for many years world wide. Training, crewing, marine engineers and seafood.


All Australian Boating Pty Ltd
- The Qualified, Accredited Trainers of All Australian Boating have been providing maritime courses to the general public for over 15 years. 


Landmark Manpower Solution Pvt Ltd
- We are best manpower supplier of Nepal. We supply all kind of category of workers from any seafood industry.


Global Makmur Agency PT
- We offer various crew management, combination which can be designed specifically to your needs. We can either provide some of the crew or supply a full crew complement where we take full responsibility for the entire crew.


Sadiq Saddique Enterprises
- Providing of Manpower, since 1996.


Notre Dame Oilfields Maritime Services, Inc.
- We are duly licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA to recruit and deploy highly qualified and competent Filipino seafarers for various kinds of vessels.


Paulfred (Crewing) Services
- an agency in Tema. Our main aim is to highly qualified cargo and fishing crew to esteem owner around the globe. Since its inception in 2002, we have crew to owners in Africa, Europe, USA and Asia


Indo Navigation Ltd
- We would like to offer to your good company our services to supply Indonesian crew - deck & engine dept. in your ocean going vessel.


PT. Orientasari Mahkota
- Indonesian Crewing Agency, specialized in supplying Indonesian seafarers for International Ship Owners and Shipping companies worldwide.


Seapride Marine Services
- Shipping Agent & General Ship Suppliers, All Egyptian Ports. Crew, cargo operations, bunker brokers, suppliers.


Falls & Valleylakes Co. Ltd
- we provide man power fishermen with experience of 5 years with 60 employees in the company


PT Cahaya Karya Persada
- Crewing agency with 7 thousand seafarers of different ranks in our database. Our company invites for cooperation Ship Owners, Ship Managers and Crewing companies for development of crewing business and fruitful partnership


Jason Global Enterprise Co. Ltd
- Recruiting agency for Squid Jigging Fishing Vessel, Ultra-low Temporary Tuna Fishing Vessel, Tuna Longline Fishing Vessel, Seine Fishing Vessel, Trawler Fishing vessel, Fishery factory workers and Other kinds of land-based or sea-based workers


Sea Factor Crewing Agency
- Our company is located in Sevastopol, one of the largest ports in Ukraine, traditional home city of thousands of seamen.


PT Orca Marine Crewing Agency
- Crews to Fishing Vessels, as we able to provide and supply the Indonesian Fishermens ; Bosun, Foreman, Deck Hands, Factory Hands, Packing, Cook, Helper Cook, Oiler. For All Type of Fishing Vessels: Tuna Longliner, Trawlers, Factory Freezer Trawler and Longliner


Welseas Africa Company Ltd
- A licensed crewing manning and replacement company


PT. Marineros Fishing International
- Our company arranged workers for international fishing vessels and fishing industry. Crew specialized for catching tuna, mahi mahi, scallop, toothfish, yellowfin tuna, tuna, albacore, bluefin tuna, swordfish etc.


PT ACX Tuna (Fishing Vessel Crew)
- We are able to sending/placement qualified crew. all crewmembers ex from. Spain and Uruguay fishing vessel - Longliner and Trawler.


Sky Recruitment | Visa Consultant Agency
- We are a professional resume writing and employment search company that offers technical and financial assistance to individuals who wish to obtain their visa and overseas employment.  We have been successfully conducting this business for over 10 years.


Denizmar Shipping Agency and Trading Co Ltd
- ship supplies at all Turkish ports & straits, ship agency services at all Turkish ports, ship repairs, crew changes, port information


Bahana Samudera Atlantic
- We are is Associations of Fishermans and crewing agencies, we have more crew experiences and non experiences with good services


Fishing Crew Recruiter
- Manning agency providing Indonesian crew - deck & engine dept. in your ocean going vessel.


Tririanda Indoreca
- As Crew's Manning Agency with the experience for more than 5 years handling & providing crew to the International/Local Shipping Companies which mainly trading in the area of Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and other area.


PT Lucky Hosanna Sakti
- Recruitment Agency for supplying  the Indonesian seafarer to working on Merchant Ships, fishing Vessel, All Type of Tanker ships, offshore / on Shore Oil Industries (oil Rig/Platform) and Offshore Vessel (AHTs, Utility Tug, Towing Tug, Pushers Tug) and Building Factory, work shop, Power Plant and etc.


ProGreen Plc.
- Engaged in marine brokerage services such as off-shore delivery, speed boat charter, acquisition of commercial fishing license & quota, on-shore money transfers, food & gasoline supply, crew etc.


AG Andy Enterprise
- we are a crewing and shipping services company who had the been in business since 2003. We are also agents for seafood buyers.


GRT Shipping (Pvt) Ltd
- Crewing agency especially for all type of commercial and modern fishing vessel - tuna long liner, bottom long liner, sword fish vessel, squid jigger, gil net, bottom fish trawler, purse seiner etc.


Questplus Company Limited
- A marine and seafood broker firm, we also help fishing vessels and ships with recruitment and arrange for permits and license for vessels to fish in Ghana Waters, Broker vessels, sale deals.



Trading Safety - Unfortunately, there are people who are dishonest and internet scams abound. While Sea-Ex & Trade-Seafood endeavour to check the company details that are listed, we recommend the following precautions are taken when dealing with a company:

  • Ask the business you plan to trade with for business references and CHECK THE REFERENCES.
  • Use a payment method that offers better protection for all such as Letters of credit and VERIFIED professional escrow services. Avoid payments in advance such as money transfers. Be wary if the seller only accepts wire transfers or cash.
  • Do a search of the company on the internet using the company website address, their business name, phone and fax numbers, and the email addresses provided to see if you can find any feedback about the company.
  • Ensure you understand all terms and conditions of any agreement, including SHIPPING CHARGES.

Learn more about scams to avoid or to make a complaint about a scam or fraud see: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Crime Complaint Center

Trade-Seafood & Sea-Ex are NEVER involved in any transaction, and we do not handle payments for orders, products or shipping, we DO NOT guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, offer buyer protection or seller certification.



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